Commercial route and boulder construction

Various services

Renovations and repairs

Inspections and approvals

Commercial route and boulder construction

We build routes and boulders, also for therapeutic climbing, for children and adults and we are happy to support and advise therapists in the selection and placement of holds and footholds.

Redesign of climbing walls

Redesign your climbing wall! After a year of climbing the same routes and bouldering, the training effect is low and the fun factor is zero. With over 30 years of climbing experience, we build exciting new routes and boulders with heart and mind, in all levels of difficulty, perfectly adapted to the wall, the existing grip material and the target audience.

Many years of experience

Robert (instructor sport climbing, C license route setting) trained the boys of the St. Valentin gymnastics club for 16 years, now looks after the climbing team of the AV St. Peter/Au and has been climbing for over 30 years. Mario is a sport climbing instructor and Jürgen (apart from being a physiotherapist...;-)) is also a qualified route setter.

Services ranging from conception, tender design, 3D design, structural analysis and work planning to construction supervision

Realised Examples

Renovations and repairs - indoor and outdoor

Extensive renovations and repairs tailored to your needs.

  • We will inspect your climbing facility and will be happy to make you a non-binding offer for renovation.
  • We replace damaged panels or renovate them on site - with or without your help.
  • We renew epoxy/sand coatings in situ or in our workshop - the color is selected according to the RAL table.
  • Regrinding of frayed edges, replacement of edge protection strips, replacement of damaged securing points.
  • Re-welding and repairing structural problems - for both steel and timber structures.
  • Repair and maintenance of tilting walls with cable hoists, mechanics, hydraulics.
  • We have the full locksmith and carpentry trade!

Inspections and approvals

We are qualified persons within the meaning of EN and commercially authorized to carry out maintenance, inspection and approval of artificial climbing systems. We also carry out tensile tests or calculation verifications in accordance with EN. Prices by agreement and at cost. All prices quoted are exclusive of 20% Austrian VAT.