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The mobile, free standing, tiltable climbing wall was developed together with physiotherapists and climbing instructors. Patents are pending.

The walls are designed to your individual needs and adjusted to your installation requirements. Beside the mobile, freestanding version the structure in a lean design version can be mounted to a wall of your room or to the floor as well.

We build also simple fixed climbing panels for mounting to a wall or installation to floor and ceiling. Also wall mounted, tiltable structures are available. All our walls comply to EN12572-2 and ÖN S4740!

The engineering, the metal and wood works, maintenance and inspection are done by ourselfs - we offer solid Austrian craftsman ship.

We are proud about the quality of our products and grant 5 years of garantee.
The warranty contains the wall and its structures, the tilting and arresting mechanism and the lifting rolls.


Adjustable boulder wall for London Design Festival at ACE Hotel London

We just finished the installation of one of our adjustable boulderwalls. Vickie of ACE Hotel London gave us as this incredible opportunity in London - many thanks again!! Grace from Patternity created the unique layout. To get at least some color in it we tried it by ourselves...;-))).

Check it out and do some work out!

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