Campus Ledges and Boards

We build, supply and install customized campus boards that are tailored to your requirements.

Our 600mm Ashledges

Tailor-made joinery quality

We have our own slat shapes, beautiful overlay slats and turned (round) overlays, but we are also happy to implement your specifications. We prefer to use local heartwood ash - the slats and supports are untreated. Shipping "worldwide", shipping costs on request (depending on quantity and cost!). It is very important to us that the products are of carpentry quality!

Compliant products

The boards built and assembled by us comply with the relevant regulations from the boulder wall standardization - EN 12572-2:2017 and the supplement ÖN S4740.

Realised Examples

Therapy grips & kicks

We sell PhysioClimb physiotherapy grip and step sets with our walls.

Brackets for Hangboards

Wallmounts for all kind of hang boards.

Pull-up bars, training boards, slacklines with mounts, sling trainers with ceiling-mounted elements, etc.

We plan, build, deliver and professionally install all types of training and torture equipment. If required, with structural analysis certificates, specialist contractor declaration, etc. in accordance with the applicable standard(s).

Realised Examples

GRP Macros and Volumes

We distribute the products of our old friends from Usteto for Austria - solid quality at an excellent price!