Free-standing, mobile tilting boulder wall

The mobile, free-standing, adjustable climbing wall was developed together with physiotherapists and climbing trainers and is patent pending.


The wall is ideal for bouldering and system training in professional climbing. By simply increasing the incline, the load can be quickly increased during training. The structure of the wall is also very rigid and low-vibration.

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy

To respond to the changing requirements of different
patients, the inclination of the wall can be adjusted with just one hand movement.

School sports, kindergarten

The wall can be lifted onto its castors and moved out of the equipment room into the hall like a piece of gym equipment and set up freely there. The version without lifting rollers can also be fixed to the floor or the room wall.

Realised Examples

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Presentation of our walls (Only in German)

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Free-standing, mobile therapy climbing wall

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Tilting boulder wall for wall mounting with manual rope winch

Tilting boulder wall for wall mounting

With manual or electric cable winch for adjusting the inclination. Indoor as well as outdoor.

Realised Examples